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Dragon Dynasty is the shazzle!

A few of you may have heard of Dragon Dynasty, or seen their logo on the top or spine of DVDs for sale.

Dragon Dynasty is a branding of martial arts cinema by The Weinstein Company and Genius Products. Not only do they work hard to release these obscure titles to the masses, but at the helm you have Hong Kong Cinema expert Bey Logan and Quentin Tarantino. Both are helping out with the promoting, marketing, and finished product.

I cannot say enough good things about Dragon Dynasty. When people work hard to earn your business… I mean REALLY hard, it takes a real jerk to not give in.

Not only do they dig up super rare titles, but they restore them and revive them with DRASTICALLY and the key word is NOTICEABLE improved picture and sound. Not only that, but they release modern classics as well. Their collection is wonderful. Out of many titles (now 30) there are few weak links. As a matter of fact, one mans weak link is another mans treasure. For example, I didn’t care for Jackie Chan’s Crime Story much, but on, it scores a solid 92%!!! 

But probably the best thing about Dragon Dynasty is their bonuses. If you are in love with these films, they throw the book at you. Hours of bonus footage, rare interviews with screen legends that are now no names, great featurettes, etc… The list goes on. They talk to experts, they talk to fans like The Rza, they even talk to the guy in the background that took that NASTY spill off the balcony in your favorite flick! Just to ask him how it felt!

Anyway, I have no D.D. reviews up yet, but I will be posting some soon, as I have already seen almost half of them. But until then, support these folks. Buy the DVDs, don’t copy. You will be heavily rewarded. And your putting money into the pocket of that poor guy that fell down the balcony years ago to entertain you.


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